Lurisia Drinks

Try the refreshing taste of Lurisia drinks! From Italy, only at BiBo.


Directly from Genoa, Italy: Pesto Rossi

Come and try our delicious pesto in our locations.


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try our gavi, a bibo exclusive


Gluten-free options.

We have gluten-free dishes available, including pasta; please ask the server for help.

Did you know that:

    • We accept reservations for large groups.
    • We host private events.
    • We have gift certificates.
    • We offer catering service.

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Dine in or take out

Dine at the restaurant or take home your favorite dish.

Our story:

Welcome to The BiBo Pizzeria, an authentic Italian experience. The BiBo is not just a restaurant, it’s a philosophy, an obsession for quality that can be tasted in every prepared Italian dish. The BiBo brings cuisine simplicity to life, letting the guests appreciate the flavors of natural and simple ingredients carefully selected and imported from Italy.



    1889 was an historic year for Italian cuisine. It is said that this is when Neapolitan style pizza made its mark on the world with the invention of the Margherita pizza, created to honor the visit to Naples of Italy’s Queen Margherita. Pizza has come a long way since then, expanding throughout Italy and becoming a dish known and appreciated around the world.

    In 2010, Neapolitan pizza was awarded Italy’s "Specialità Tradizionale Garantita" (guaranteed traditional specialty), or STG. To meet the standards of this label, pizza must be prepared with specific techniques and ingredients. The mixing of the dough may be by machine, but thereafter all preparation must be done by hand and the baking must take place exclusively in a wood-burning oven. True Neapolitan pizza must be soft, elastic, easily foldable, and with a characteristic flavor that comes from the acidity of the tomato and the essence of the mozzarella, along with oregano, garlic or basil.

    Since 1984, the association "Verace Pizza Napoletana" promotes knowledge of the true and artisanal Napoletana pizza made according to the traditional STG regulations. Its purpose is to empower consumers with the knowledge and awareness that will allow them to recognize true Neapolitan pizza.